Certified Administrator

To pass this test you should be able to:
- Describe a Profile
- Explain what a Profile controls
- List the Standard Profiles
- List the features available for managing profiles
- Evaluate when to create a Custom Profile
- Explain the differences between a Custom Field and a Standard Field
- List the different types of Custom Fields
- Set up a Custom Field
- Map Custom Lead Fields
- Re-label a Standard Object
- List objects for which you can enable Fields History Tracking
- Define the dependencies when using a Dependent Picklist
- Create and modify a Dependent Picklist
- Describe the capabilities of Custom Lookup fields
- Create and modify a Lookup Field
- Describe the capabilities of Formula Fields
- Create and modify a Formula Field
- Describe Roll-up Summary Fields
- Create and modify a Roll-up Summary Field
- Describe the elements within a Page Layout
- Create and modify a Page Layout
- Create, customize, and print a List view
- Customize a Related List
- Describe how to use Record Types
- Create and modify a Record Type
- List the objects that require a business process
- Explain how Field-Level Security affects page layouts and visibility
- Set up Field-Level Security
Number of questions:

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