Certified Administrator

Security & Access
To pass this test you should be able to:
- List the information captured on the User Record
- Create and maintain User Records
- Explain the Record Owner concept
- Describe the elements of the Sharing model
- Describe the scope and capabilities of Organization-Wide Defaults
- Explain how access is granted through the Role Hierarchy
- Set up Organization-Wide Defaults
- Describe the use of Roles
- Build a Role Hierarchy
- Assign users to Roles
- Mass-transfer records from one user to another
- List the objects that may have Sharing Rules
- Build Sharing Rules
- Share records manually
- Describe the use cases of Public Groups and where to use them
- Compare and contrast Sales with Account teams
- List the places to use Folders
- Describe how Folder access differs from Record access
- Create Folders to organize and provide access to data
Number of questions:

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