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Define a Case
A case is a customer’s question or feedback. Support agents can review cases to see how they can deliver better service. Sales reps can use cases to see how they affect the sales process. Responding to cases keeps your customers happy and enhances your brand.
Describe use cases for Case Hierarchies
A case hierarchy shows you cases that are associated with one another via the Parent Case field. When a case is associated with a parent case it signifies a relationship between cases, such as a grouping of similar cases for easy tracking, or a division of one case into multiple cases for various users to resolve. In the case hierarchy, cases are indented to show that they are related to the parent case above them.
To view the hierarchy for a case, click View Hierarchy next to the Case Number field on the case detail page.
To specify that a case is associated with another case, edit the case and type the case number of the parent in the Parent Case field. Alternatively, you can click the lookup icon to search for a case's case number
Describe how to use Case Queues to manage Cases
reate queues to prioritize, distribute, and assign records to teams who share workloads. There’s no limit to the number of queues you can create, and you can choose when queue members receive email notifications.

Case queues for distributing and sharing cases among support agents assigned to different service levels, such as gold or silver service
Describe how to use a Case Assignment Rule to assign and route Cases
Describe use cases for Web-to-Case
Describe uses cases for Email-to-Case
Describe the functionality of the Case Escalation Rule
Describe the functionality of the Case Auto-Response Rule
Describe the functionality of the Business Hours
Configure the settings and rules for Case processing, including Business Hours, Escalation Rules, and the use of Email Templates
Define Solutions and how they can be associated with Cases
Build a Solution Category tree and assign Solutions to Categories
Define suggested solutions and explain where to use them
Describe what content is accessible via the Self-Service Portal
Describe the ways to access the Self-Service Portal
Build a Case Queue, Assignment Rule, Web-to-Case, and corresponding Auto-Response Rule
Describe use cases for Case Teams

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