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The AppExchange
Describe the AppExchange
The AppExchange is a sharing interface from that allows you to browse and share apps and services for the platform.
Describe the characteristics of Managed Packages
A collection of application components that is posted as a unit on the AppExchange and associated with a namespace and possibly a License Management Organization. To support upgrades, a package must be managed. An organization can create a single managed package that can be downloaded and installed by many different organizations. Managed packages differ from unmanaged packages by having some locked components, allowing the managed package to be upgraded later. Unmanaged packages do not include locked components and cannot be upgraded. In addition, managed packages obfuscate certain components (like Apex) on subscribing organizations to protect the intellectual property of the developer. Managed Package Extension

Managed Package Extension: Any package, component, or set of components that adds to the functionality of a managed package. You cannot install an extension before installing its managed package.

Unmanaged Package: A package that cannot be upgraded or controlled by its developer.
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Uninstall a package

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