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Workflow Approval Processing
Define the basics of the Workflow Approval Process
An approval process includes the following elements:
1. A name and description to distinguish it from other approval processes.
2. Specific entry criteria, if you want to include only certain records in the process.
3. A designated user who can approve requests.
4. Settings to specify who, if anyone, can change a record once it has been submitted for approval.
5. Any number of steps that determine the sequence of actions to take when a record matches the criteria.
Each step can have up to 40 actions, 10 of each type: email alerts, field updates, tasks, and outbound messages.
6. Up to 40 additional actions each may be specified for when a record is initially submitted, approved, rejected, or recalled.
Submitted: 9/18/2015
Compare and contrast the Approval Processes versus Workflow

List the differences between the Jump Start Wizard and the Standard Approval Process Wizard
Jump Start wizard is a one page stop for creating the approval process while the Standard one is like 3 step process
Explain how to route Approvals
Create, modify, and test the Approval Process
Identify the settings in creating Workflow Approval Processing

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