Certified Developer

Overview of Platform
List and describe the steps required to design and deploy a successful application built using the declarative capabilities of the platform
test note
1. Meet with end users and stakeholders to clearly understand technical requirements for your application.
2. Document your proposed design based on feedback with mockups, flow charts and user persona descriptions.
3. In setup,
a. Add users, assign profiles that have access to the objects and system permissions needed for each profile. (users who will configure your org need to have System Administration profile)
b. Select checkbox to reset the password which will send the user an email with password reset link
c. Special feature licenses may need to be assigned to each user in the Company Info page.
4. Add custom fields, workflow, validation rules to existing standard & custom objects.
5. Create new objects, add fields, workflow & validation rules as needed to support required functionality.

List and describe the building blocks of an application provided by the platform

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