Certified Advanced Developer Pages (Visualforce)
Describe the benefits, functions, and features of pages and how it conforms to the model-view-controller pattern
Describe how to incorporate pages into applications
Describe how to create data, action, and component binding expressions
List and describe syntax features of pages
Describe best practices for incorporating static resources, stylesheets, and other content into pages
Describe how to create and use a page as the template for multiple pages
Describe how to handle client-side behavior through the use of either standard components or custom JavaScript
Describe and incorporate proper error-handling techniques
Describe how to create a custom component and the benefits of custom components versus other techniques for code reuse
Describe how to leverage PDF generation
Distinguish between standard controllers, custom controllers, and extensions
Describe the request lifecycle of a page
Describe viewstate and the stateful programming model of pages
Describe the benefits of using code classes as structs or wrappers of sobjects

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